The Path

The “Sentiero di Francesco” is the path that San Francesco traveled in the winter between 1206 and 1207 when fleeing from Assisi he found refuge in Gubbio.

On the occasion of the Great Jubilee of 2000, the path was made passable again on foot, on horseback or by bicycle based on a project by the Alto Chiascio Mountain Community with the contribution of the European Union, the Umbria Region, the Province of Perugia and in collaboration with the municipalities of Gubbio, Valfabbrica and Assisi (As indicated on the map, “Franciscan Path of Peace, from Assisi to Valfabbrica in Gubbio – first Way of St. Francis”, still in use and available at the tourist offices of the Municipalities concerned).

Since then (2000) the route has not undergone any changes and the Umbria Region, in 2005, incorporated the entire route of the Franciscan Path of the municipality of Gubbio into the wider project of the “Via Francigena di San Francesco”, without making any changes of the route. The greater visibility of the Path, included in the great project, has increased the interest of both pilgrims and institutions. Important authors of tourist guides have confirmed the original layout (Bottaccioli, Marioli, Vagnarelli: “PELLEGRINI SULLE STRADE DI ROMUALDO E DI FRANCESCO”- A.M. Seracchioli: “DI QUI PASSO’ FRANCESCO”).

The significant increase in pilgrims over the years has renewed the interest of the Umbria Region which, starting in 2010, has provided funding in order to encourage the creation of accommodation facilities along the historic path and the consolidation of the route. In 2012 the Region itself financed the creation of the guide “LA VIA DI FRANCESCO” (Giulietti, Bettin) which once again confirms the layout of the path, unchanged compared to the initial and historical one of 2000.

Our Policy is to defend and maintain Francis’ path in its entire original layout, based on studies of historical truths, nothing to do with political, economic and convenient choices that phantom associations try to pass on for the sole purpose of making changes to the route of the original path.

Support our idea and you will join in defending Francesco’s original path.